Advantages of Practicing in Rural Communities

Healthcare organizations across the country are facing physician shortages that will adversely affect the delivery of healthcare in rural communities. For instance, urban residents have 1.5 times more primary care physicians per 100,000 patients than residents in rural communities. The … Continue reading

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On the Move: Physician Relocation and Recruitment Trends

Renewed emphasis on quality of life, financial stability and the constant changes in healthcare are motivating more physicians to relocate.  In a survey commissioned by the American Medical Group Association (AMGA), the reasons that influenced the physician respondents’ relocation efforts … Continue reading

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January Software Upgrade Announcement

The team always strives to provide employers with the best tools to help in their physician recruiting efforts. We have recently made an improvement to our job board capability. This enhancement allows clients to ‘refresh’ their posted practice opportunities. … Continue reading

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Social Media and Physician Recruitment: Finding Potential Employees Where They Are

by Michelle Kornahrens As the world of social media continues to reshape communication, the physician recruiting industry is also shifting its efforts toward utilizing social sites. The statistics for social media use are staggering as more users join different social … Continue reading

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Career Management Updates: Physician Shortage, Doctor-friendly States, Work-Life Balance

There are a number of forces driving changes in the healthcare industry that have an impact on physician recruiting.  These include the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the upward trend in physicians’ work-life balance preferences, and … Continue reading

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Some of our clients have asked for the ability to have their company logo display at the top of the job posting.  In response to this request, we made an enhancement to the PhysicianCareer product to provide this functionality.

The new Company Logo field is directly below the Facility field on the Location screen. Once uploaded, the Logo displays at the top of the job listing.

See the user guide “Chapter 5: Using the Job Board – “Creating a New Location” for detailed instructions.


Prior to adding this enhancement, there were five Picture Upload slots at the bottom of the Location Screen. If you had five pictures uploaded before this enhancement was made, the fifth picture will appear in the logo spot.  You will need to replace that picture with your company logo.

  1. Beside the “Company Logo” field, click the Replace button.
  2. Choose File (browse to find your logo image).
  3. Click Upload.

If you do not have a logo, you need to remove the picture so it doesn’t display in the logo spot.

  1. Click Discard beside the picture (to mark it).
  2. Click Return (to delete it); the Return button is at the top of Picture Upload area.