The PhysicianCareer.com team is committed to continually enhancing our leading-edge physician recruiting tool.  See a list of our enhancements:

Enhancement Benefit
HotDocs Report Separates physician listings into two categories:  “newly registered” and “recently updated “. Read More
Improved Search Most recently registered physicians float to top of search results. Read More
Share a Job Provides the option of sharing a job posting with other interested physicians who are not currently part of our database. Read More
User Guide Published a comprehensive User Guide; under “Help” in toolbar. Read More
Software Upgrade Improves security; requires daily login. Read More
Your Company Logo We made an enhancement to the PhysicianCareer product to provide the ability to display your company logo at the top of the job posting. Read More
Display All Jobs Link There is now a link on each individual job opportunity that will display all the jobs posted from the subscriber. This allows physicians to see all your job opportunities at once. Read More
Sortable Columns On many lists, such as “display all jobs” the columns are sortable, making them easier to view and classify. Read More
Improved Custom Search Functionality Allows clients to narrow their search using more criteria. Added enhanced delete functionality. Read More
Copy a Job Posting You can create an exact copy of an existing opportunity, saving time and allowing you to simply modify the job posting as needed. Read More
Refresh Button Clicking on this button moves your active job postings ahead of similar jobs that were previously posted. Read More
Bulk Reassign Allows the account manager to reassign job postings to any recruiter in bulk, rather than individually.  Read More

Contact Info for Recruiter Reassign—when the recruiter is changed on the “manage opportunities” page, the contact information for the job postings is automatically updated to the new recruiter. Read More

Clickable Link Clients now can create a clickable link to post on their website that will connect back to all of their posted jobs on PhysicianCareer.com. Read More

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