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High-performance job posting…
and more.

  • List more relevant information in your job listings;
  • Improve market visibility;
  • Focus your job ads directly to your physicians. Learn more.

A cost-effective, online
sourcing solution.

  • Reduced long-term expenses and improved placement timetables;
  • Efficient data aggregation and benchmarking tools;
  • An average savings of up to $25,000 with recruiting fees. Learn more. clients can sign up and use our online payment form to subscribe to our job postings, candidate matching capabilities as well as our extensive physician database. Take the number of hospitals that the department recruits for and find it in the left hand column.  Pricing is across the row and the far right column is the number of recruiters that are included and have access to the database.  Additional recruiter access can be purchased for a nominal fee.  If pricing is not listed for your statistics, then contact us.  Payment can be by invoice or by credit card. .

Feedback? Suggestions? Feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help!

Our Rate Card:

System Size Monthly Subscription Annual Subscription Recruiter Access
Critical Access or Single Specialty Recruiter $250 $1500 1
Single Hospital Recruiter $400 $3500 1
2—5 Hospitals $5000 Up to 3
6—10 Hospitals Call for pricing Up to 8
11—50 Hospitals Call for pricing Up to 25
51—100 Hospitals Call for pricing Up to 75
101 or More Hospitals Call for pricing Up to 150

* Additional recruiters can be added at $750 per year.
* Monthly subscriptions require a three-month commitment and can be monthly thereafter.
* Enjoy unlimited listings!

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