July Software Upgrade Announcement

PhysicianCareer.com is always working to improve our database and job board. We have recently unveiled a few changes to make the site easier to use and we wanted to make sure that our clients are aware of the improvements.

  • New Copy Feature. Clients can now copy a job posting in its entirety.  This will allow the same features to be listed under multiple specialties without a lot of extra work. It can be found under ‘MANAGE OPPORTUNITIES.’ Click on one of your job listings, and you will find the ‘COPY OPPORTUNITY’ link. Thank you to those clients who suggested this improvement!
  • Sort by Columns. Also under MANAGE OPPORTUNITIES, if you have multiple job postings listed, the heading columns (facility, city, status, owner, etc.) are all sortable.  This will make it easier to work with multiple listings.
  • Reassign Feature. This enhancement makes it an easy process to reassign multiple job postings to another recruiter. There is a ‘BULK REASSIGN CHECKED’ button which will allow clients to change recruiters with a single click. Again, this is located under ‘MANAGE OPPORTUNITIES,’ but for the primary account holder only.  Sub-accounts do not have this feature.
  • Contact Info for Reassign Feature. When accounts are reassigned to another sub-account, the contact info is changed automatically. No need to enter the data again.

Should you have questions about the new features, please feel free to contact either Tom Broxterman or Mike Berg. We would be happy to walk you through the enhancements.

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