Social Media and Physician Recruitment: Finding Potential Employees Where They Are

by Michelle Kornahrens

As the world of social media continues to reshape communication, the physician recruiting industry is also shifting its efforts toward utilizing social sites. The statistics for social media use are staggering as more users join different social sites each day. It only makes sense that the number of social media users will effect how an industry that searches for people would utilize such sites. Recruiters go to where they can find a targeted group of possible employees, and if people are on social sites, recruiters will be there too.

“There is clearly great potential in using social media for physician recruiting,” said Craig Fowler, Vice President of Training, Recruiting, and Public Relations at the physician recruiting firm Pinnacle Health Group. “There are so many ways to connect with potential employees and I am intrigued by how many in-house recruiters have been successful in finding information about candidates. Their success has allowed me to start finding ways to use social media in my own efforts.”

The total number of social users and amount of interaction on sites continues to climb. Facebook announced that at the end of 2012 it had reached 1 billion users. On December 18, 2012, Twitter announced via a tweet that it had reached 220 million active users. The LinkedIn earnings report released in October 2012 states the site has reached 187 million users. Populations across the globe are adapting to using social media and businesses must take the same approach to reach these audiences.

Not only are more people joining social media sites, but there is also an astounding amount of interactivity on each. According to the MindJumpers article, “How People Spend Their Time Online,” Twitter reports there are more than 250 million tweets created each day. Facebook also boasts that 800 million status updates are posted daily. With so many social users creating content, it is clear that they are open to communicating through these channels.

Many recruiting professionals have jumped on the social media bandwagon after realizing its potential to communicate with employees. According to the JobVite 2012 Social Recruiting Survey , 92% of employee recruiters use or plan to use social media and networking sites in the coming year. The site most often used by recruiters is LinkedIn with 93%. The next most utilized is Facebook with 66% followed by Twitter with 54%.

As LinkedIn is the social site dedicated to business networking, it has also proved to be the most successful site for recruiters in finding new hires. In fact, the JobVite survey found that of the 73% of respondents who made a hire through a social site, 89% made hires through LinkedIn. It has proven to be a very effective tool for the recruiting industry.

“LinkedIn creates a space where talking about career advancement is encouraged. As a physician recruiter, I can see how useful LinkedIn is for presenting a doctor with a new opportunity,” said Fowler.

As social media aides recruiting efforts in many different job industries, physician recruiters have especially found it useful in communicating with their target audience.  One may ask: Do physicians use social media enough for a recruiter to reach them effectively on these channels? According to a survey conducted by the online physician learning collaborative QuantiaMD, 90% of physicians use at least one social network. Of these physicians, 67% use these sites professionally. This gives physician recruiters a pool of doctors who are willing to network on social media.

For a physician recruiter not using social media in his or her efforts, many opportunities may be missed. Doctors are willing to interact through these channels and can be reached easily on social sites. Recruiters can utilize social media to turn social connections into placements.


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