A new feature for physicians

PhysicianCareer.com offers a new feature for physicians to share your job opportunities

PhysicianCareer.com has made another improvement to help our clients in their search process. We are excited to announce the new “share a job opportunity” feature we have added to our job board! This feature gives all of our 34,000 physicians the option of sharing a job posting with many other interested physicians who are not currently part of our database.

The “share a job opportunity” feature takes networking to a new level and allows your opportunities to be spread to a larger candidate pool. Social networking plays an integral part in the physician recruiting process and often leads to quality placements.

PhysicianCareer.com continues to improve the product we offer so that we can meet your recruiting needs! Please let us know of any changes you think will help in successfully using our database and job board during your search process!


The PhysicianCareer Team

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