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Physicians, Life is Meant for Both Work and Play

When was the last time you really played? For you, that could have been laughing with your kids, visiting a dear friend, enjoying a hobby, going on an adventure, or simply relaxing and reading a book. Life is not about working … Continue reading

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How to Get Physicians Committed to Organizational Change and Improvement

Most hospital administrations and their physicians are moving through a crisis mode with the recession, healthcare reform, and a starting physician shortage. Now is the time to get back to basics. The success of any healthcare organization depends on its … Continue reading

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Hospitals Acquiring Private Practices: What it means to Physicians and Employers

More and more private practices or smaller facilities are throwing in the towel. With a tightly competitive marketplace, increased regulatory climate, uncertainties around healthcare reform and decreased reimbursements, many physicians in the country are acquiescing to become employees of hospital … Continue reading

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